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Sofa is an ultimate place for you  to relax at home . Having a sofa gives you an elegant touch to your home decor. You may also think of decorating your living room with a high quality lounge . but how do you select the best sofa design and create an inviting spot for you to sit back and unwind? Well its not a challenging task. Here we can select the best sofa sets to uplift your interior decors.


What we are want to keep in mind while  selecting the sofa size, you need to keep two things in mind. First, your sofa must be large enough to comfortably accommodate your family members. Second, it must not be too large or too small for the room where it’s to be placed. Generally, sofa set models come in the following sizes:


  • 1 Seater Sofa Set
    Single seater sofa takes up minimum space and can be placed anywhere around the house, such as bedroom, living room, study, etc. You can even opt for a 1 seater recliner sofa.
  • 2 Seater Sofa Set
    These sofas are large enough to seat 2 people and compact enough to be placed in any small space, including your bedroom, study, home office, etc.
  • 3 Seater Sofa Set
    Given that these sofas can accommodate three people, they are perfect for any medium-sized drawing room or living room.
  • 4 Seater Sofa Set
    A 4 seater sofa set can be an ideal choice for a large living room. You can opt for LHS and RHS sectional sofas to create a style statement and set off the decor with a complementing coffee table.
  • 5 Seater Sofa Set
    The 5 seater sofa sets are great for large families to spend time together. They provide you with the options of 3+2, 3+1+1, and 2+2+1 combinations and shaped sofa sets. You can arrange them depending on your preference.
  • 6 Seater Sofa Set
    If you love having friends and family over for get-togethers, having a spacious 6-seater will be an ideal choice. Opting for a breakdown combination of 3+2+1 will help you to create a spacious and sophisticated look.
  • 7 Seater Sofas Set
    Want to watch matches at home on the TV with a large group of friends? A 7 seater sofa in a 3+2+2 combination can provide ample space for comfortable seating and lend your large living room a classy appearance.


    • Wooden Sofa Set

    • Leather Sofa Set

    • Leatherette Sofa Sets

    • Fabric Sofa Sets

    Metal Sofa Cum Beds

How to select a comfortable sofa

When it’s a question of comfort, not all sofas are built equal. Keep these things in mind when selecting your sofa set online:

  • Seat Depth
    Your sofa depth can determine how comfortable you will feel while sitting on it. Opt for a deeper seat if you are tall and a shallower seat if your height is short.
  • Back Height
    A higher back seat will make you more comfortable if you have a tall height. For shorter people, a sofa with a standard back height will be suitable.
  • Sofa Arm Style
    Depending on how you spend time on a sofa, you can select the sofa arm style. For instance, if you prefer to rest your head on the sofa arms, a sofa with padded and rounded arms will be a great choice. Else, you may go for a sofa with sleek, thin arms.
  • Cushion Filling
    Do you prefer sinking into a sofa right away or want the cushion to conform to your frame slowly when you sit on it? Based on your preference, you can go for high-density foam filling, down stuffing, or batting as your sofa cushion filling
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Sekar Lifestyle Polyurethane Series Leatherette Sofa Set

It’s a four seater (2+1+1) sofa set come with different color matchings : Black, Brown, Beige, White, Dark Grey, Light Grey, Blue, Green, Red, Orange and Multi-colour looks like a modern style and the material used in the sofa is Foam and Leatherette . 

Its comes with a dimension of ‎80D x 80W x 80H Centimeters  the standard measuments are 3 Seater Length x Width x Height (70 x 31 x 33 inches), for 2 Seater Length x Width x Height (52 x 31 x 33 inches) for 1 Seater Length x Width x Height (34 x 31 x 33 inches)

763 Rating

Amazon Brand – Solimo Rachel 3 seater sofa rectangular shape comes with a dimension of ‎76D x 185.4W x 76H Centimeters. It is fabricated with Engineered Wood, weighing 30000 Grams. It’s also available In 3 modules 3+1+1  and 3+2 the price may vary according to the number of seats. 

It is soft and comfortable and has surpassed 30+ tests to ensure no loss of color with use and rubbing.durability tested with 100 kg on each seat and backrest for 25,000 cycles. It is sturdily built offering premium quality while ensuring it is long-lasting.

102 Rating

Torque – Jamestown Fabric L Shape Sofa, 6 seater sofa, Dimensions – W 30 x D 71 x H 29 inches Premium quality has passed 10+ quality tests; has high tensile strength, does not lose color while rubbing and is pilling resistant Made with Solid Wood Frame and high density foam; Upholstery material: Fabric, Leg Material: fiber legs, durability-tested with 110 kg on individual seats.

Its also available is different seaters and different color. The  price may varies accounting to the number of seater

377 Rating

Adorn India Wood Rio Decent  5 seater left hand side L shape sofa set comes with a dimension  (cm)of Length (176) Breadth (82)height (79) sitting height (40.64) Package 2 = Length (168) Breadth (76)height (79) sitting height (40.64) Primary Material: Wood, secondary material :Foam Upholstery Material: Fabric : color : Grey & Black

107 Rating

Home Centre Emily Fabric 5 seater sofa set comes with a dimensions for 3 seater sofa  Length (184 cm), Width (92 cm), Height (88 cm)and two seater sofa Length (133 cm), Width (92 cm), Height (88 cm) andseats filled with foam with spring  the Primary material fabric upholstery polyester . there are different multi colors and has different modules 1 seater , 2 seater, 3 seater, 3+1 seater, 3+1+1 seater and 3+2+1 seater. 

616 Rating

NKF CARVE™ Furniture Solid sheesham Wood Standard 3 seater sofa set comes with the dimension of 80D x 180W x 76H Centimeters  . its has different color Honey, Brown , honey Brown FInishing , Mahogany Brown, Natural Brown, Natural Honey Brown , Teak brown finish and more varieties are available.

58 Rating

Home furniture Wooden Sofa Set for Living Room 2 seater sofa comes in the dimension of  Length 51 inch x Width 29 inch x Height 31 inch. The product material is high grade sheesham wood. It is a solid wood  . Wood Color:- Walnut Finish | Style:- Contemporary.Cushion Color:- Cream Color | Cushions Foam Density:- 32 And Supersoft Foam | Back Rest Cushion Thickness:- 3.5 Inch, Seating Cushion Thickness:- 4.5 Inch.Cushions Cover with Zip Facility Easy to Remove Cover & Wash available in 1 seater , 2 seater, 3 seater 5 seater and 6 seater . available in 4 different colors

22 Rating

Sleepyhead Bae four seater L shape sofa comes with a dimension of  Length 75 inches (191 cms), Depth 55 inches (140 cms), Height 35 inches (89 cms); SEATING HEIGHT: 18 inches (46 cms)

Frame Material: Solid Wood | Color: Pebble Brown | Style: Contemporary | Upholstery Material: 230 GSM Polyester Fabric | Product Weight: 54.6 Kg | Comfort Level: Medium Firm | Seat Cushion: Removeable for Easy Clean

SEATING CAPACITY: 4 Seater, FEATURES : Durable | Termite Resistant | High-Density Foam | WARRANTY: 3 Year Manufacturing Warranty | ASSEMBLY: Required, Provided by Brand. Its also available in 5 different colours and different seats capacity .

88 Ratings

Amazon Brand – Solimo Tulip Leatherette 3 Seater Sofa (Beige) sofa comes with Three-seater sofa made from high-quality leatherette in beige color;Product Dimensions: Length (71 inch), width (30 inch), height (32 inch) Over 30 tests conducted to ensure quality;Fabric does not lose color while rubbing

arm Style: Curved; Item Shape: Rectangular; Style Name: Modern; Form Factor: Settee; Seating Capacity: 3.; Frame Material Type: Engineered Wood

283 Rating

Dr Smith Sofa Cum Bed 3 seater SOFA + BED + LOUNGER : Eliminate your need to store heavy and bulky extra mattresses, with our multipurpose space saving sofa bed. Our sofa bed transforms from sofa to lounger to bed in less than 15 seconds with a simple fold-unfold mechanism.

Lightweight enough to be moved around single handedly. Constructed with higher quality raw

Package Contains:- 1 Sofa cum Bed with Cushion CoversIt is sturdily built offering quality, hardiness, and comfort for long-lasting use

21 Rating

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